Cawthorn Temporary Camp D

Marching or Temporary Camp

Cawthorn Temporary Camp D are earthwork remains of a Roman fort of probable late first and early second century AD date. It is the most westerly earthwork of a complex of two forts, one with a later annexe, and a temporary camp. Recent excavations (1999-2000) have revealed the rampart of Fort D to comprise two phases. The outer defensive ditch, which cuts through the defences of Camp C, is thought to belong with the second phase of rampart of D. The first phase of Fort D is thought to pre-date and possibly overlap with the construction of Camp C.

References for Cawthorn

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Map References for Cawthorn

NGRef: SE7889 OSMap: LR94/100

OS National Grid Reference: SE782899

Roman Roads near Cawthorn

Probable road: NE (17) to Whitby (North Yorkshire) Probable road: S (12) to Derventio Brigantvm (Malton, North Yorkshire) N (10) to Lease Rigg

Sites near Cawthorn Temporary Camp D