Christleton Camps

Marching or Temporary Camp

First noticed in 1947, the two camps on Stamford Heath were surveyed by the R.C.A.H.M. in 1985 and classified as Roman. Both camps were then visible as slight earthworks. A third camp was discovered on aerial photographs taken on 30th July 1996. All three camps lie a few hundred feet south of the main Roman road between Chester and Wilderspool, Camp-1 lying roughly 3 miles (4.8km) east of the fortress.

Stamford Heath, Christleton 1, Cheshire

OS National Grid Reference: SJ455669
Dimensions: c.360 x 272 ft (110 x 83 m)
Area: c.2¼ acres (c.0.91 ha)
Description: The entire circuit of this rectangular, E-W aligned camp has been traced. There is a gap in the E defences displaced noticeably S of centre, but this cannot be construed as a gateway.

Stamford Heath, Christleton 2, Cheshire

OS National Grid Reference: SJ460670
Dimensions: c.393 x 279 ft (120 x 85 m)
Area: c.2½ acres (c.1.02 ha)
Description: This rectangular camp lies roughly ¼mile (0.4km) E of Camp-1 and is aligned N-S. The entire defensive circuit is known but no gateways are visible.

Christleton 3, Cheshire

OS National Grid Reference: SJ446666
Dimensions: c.295 x 190 ft (90 x 58 m)
Area: c.1¼ acres (c.0.52 ha)
Description: This small camp lies just over ½mile (c.0.9km) W of Camp-1. Almost the entire defensive circuit is known, aside from a few short gaps in the northern part. A gateway is visible in the centre of the S side and there is a similar break in the defences to the N. The camp is aligned roughly NNE-SSW. The defences were prominent enough to serve as field boundaries during the Medieval period and evidence of “ridge and furrow” ploughing is readily seen within the enclosure.

References for Christleton Camps

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  • a copy of O.S. Landranger map 117 Chester and Wrexham would also be beneficial.

Map References for Christleton Camps

NGRef: SJ4567 OSMap: LR117

Roman Roads near Christleton Camps

None identified

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