Cwm Bach Camps

Iron Age Hillfort

The North hillfort is positioned at the edge of a cliff-top, forming a triangular area bounded by a steep descent to Nant Cwmbach valley on the north and vertical cliffs to the sea on the west. The south-eastern side of the hillfort is defended by two banks with external ditches. The first bank is located at the northern end, approximately 4m away from the ravine, and measures 46m in length and about 6m in width. There is a gap of 13m before the bank and ditch resume, running in a north-east to south-west direction for 29m, reaching the edge of the cliff. The ditch itself is 2m deep.

The South hillfort (Whitmore Stairs Promontory Fort) is situated slightly to the south of the North hillfort, also at the edge of the cliff-top. It encloses a narrow area along the cliff-top, with the widest part located at the southern end, where the bank curves around and runs in a north-east to south-west direction to the edge of the cliff. The bank is most prominent at this end, measuring 3-4m in width.

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