Nash Point Camp

Iron Age Hillfort

Nash Point Camp comprises the remains of an Iron Age hillfort, located on a promontory that is now constricted between Cwm Marcroes to the east and eroding sea cliffs to the west. Due to coastal erosion, only a small part of the hillfort remains visible today. The promontory at Nash Point is a narrow tongue of land that has been transformed into a fort through the construction of banks and ditches across its narrow neck.

The main defences of the hillfort consist of four parallel banks that are closely spaced together. The inner three banks are steep-sided, with ditches between them, and a crouched burial was discovered in the lower filling of the innermost ditch. The outer bank, located to the north of a small gully, is longer and more gently sloping. It effectively cuts off the peninsula, guarding the approach that was up the gully and along a narrow shoulder to the south towards the entrance on the eastern side of the three inner banks. The innermost bank curves inwards next to it, creating a half-interned entrance.

Sites near Nash Point Camp