Dunblane Camps are two overlapping marching camps

Dunblane Camp 1

OS National Grid Reference: NN7700
Dimensions: 1,325 x 1,075 ft (404 x 328 m)
Area: c.32¾ acres (c.13.2 ha)
Description: Discovered from the air in 1950, almost the entire perimeter of this camp has since been recorded, its western defences are utilised by the smaller Camp #2. The western ditch, excavated in 1995 and much eroded by modern cultivation, was 3½ ft wide by 2 ft deep with a V-profile (1 x 0.6 m). There are four observed gateways positioned one in each side.

Dunblane Camp 2

OS National Grid Reference: NN7700
Dimensions: 900 x 700 ft (274 x 213 m)
Area: c.14½ acres (5.85 ha)
Description: Almost the whole of this camp is recorded. There are four gateways, one in each side, at least two of which are protected by tutulus outworks. The camp’s western defences are shared with the larger Camp #1.

References for Dunblane Camps

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Map References for Dunblane Camps

NGRef: NN7700 OSMap: LR57

Roman Roads near Dunblane Camps

None identified

Sites near Dunblane Camps