Glenbank Roman Fortlet


Discovered from the air in 1983, this fortlet lies beside the Roman road leading between the forts at Ardoch and Doune. Measuring only 108 ft. by 95 ft. (c.33 x 29 m) over the ramparts and therefore covering an area of just ¼-acre (c.0.1 ha), it has a single entrance gap 10 ft. (3 m) wide facing the road to the north-east with traces of a four-post gatehouse structure, and is surrounded by a double ditch defensive system, the innermost of which averaged around 130 ft. (40 m) in diameter, the outermost about 165 ft. (50 m), with a gap of between 10 to 13 ft. (3-4 m). The inner ditch contained the remains of the rampart, which points to the camp being deliberately dismantled during an ordered withdrawal. The layout is similar to and is probably contemporary with the station at Kaims Castle which lies exactly 6 (Roman) miles along the road to the north-east, beyond the Ardoch fort. The fortlet underwent a single occupation during the Flavian period.

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Map References for Glenbank

NGRef: NN8105 OSMap: LR57

Roman Roads near Glenbank

NE (4) to Alavna-veniconvm SW (4.5) to Dovne (Dunblane, Central)

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