Glenlochar 5 Temporary Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

This large camp lies to the south-east of the fort. Measuring 434m from ENE to WSW by almost 300m, it enclosed 12.9ha (almost 32 acres). Possible entrance gaps are visible in the perimeter but none confirmed. An annexe is attached to its NNW side, measuring some 229m by 78m and enclosing an additional 1.74ha (4.3 acres). This has an internal partition, dividing the internal area to 1.2ha (3 acres) and 0.54ha (1.3 acres) areas. There are a couple of linear cropmarks within the camp but none appears to represent a reduction in the camp, and it is possible that the linear cropmark in the annexe was demarcating different activities in the annexe rather than two phases of use. Alternatively, the cropmark may not be Roman in date, and may represent later use of the annexe enclosure. This camp exhibits a considerable amount of pits in the interior, and more pits are visible in the area between it and the fort.

R H Jones.

Map References for Glenlochar 5 Temporary Camp

OS National Grid Reference: NX7364
Dimensions: 1,450 x 1,000 ft (442 x 305 m)
Area: 33¼ acres (13.5 ha)

References for Glenlochar Camps

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Roman Roads near Glenlochar Camps

Possible Road: NE (20) to Dalswinton (Dumfries & Galloway)

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