Saint John's Town Of Dalry

Possible Roman Settlement

Lawrence Keppie believes that a line of communication once ran between the fort complex at Drumlanrig and the capital of the local Novantae tribe at Stranraer. This communications link – if it existed – ran west from Kirkland along the south bank of the Cairn Water and then south-west along the valley of the Castlefairn Water and the Blackmark Burn to Corriedoo, closely following the course taken by the modern A702. Thereafter the postulated Roman route continued south-westwards to Newton Stewart, via either Saint John’s Town of Dalry or New Galloway, for the latter part of it’s course following the route taken by the modern A712. Nothing Roman has been identified anywhere along this suspected line of communications beyond the Kirkland fortlet except a forged Roman coin, an As of Faustina (), which was found in the bank of the River Ken in 1978 but is thought to have a modern provenance.

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NGRef: NX619811 OSMap: LR78?

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