Hadrian's Wall - Milecastle 44 - Allolee

Hadrian's Wall Milecastle

Milecastle 44 (Allolee) was a – Milecastle on Hadrian’s Wall. The mile fort is about 1.5 kilometers west of Great Chesters ( Aesica ) fort near Alloa Lea Farm. The fortification was almost completely destroyed by stone robbery. All that can be seen are a pair of bricks from the wall facing and an approx. 3.5 m wide raised ground covered with peat. The facility is also visible on aerial photographs. The fort could be assigned to the long-ax type (dimensions: 20.3 m from north-south and 17.0 m from east-west). Only its inner surface has been excavated, but the results have not been published. The substructure of the connection path to Wallstrasse was also recognizable (dimensions: 3.5 m wide and 0.2 m high).

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