This early Claudian fort lies in farmland outside Humberside Airport. It was built near the northern end of an ancient track-way which ran roughly parallel to the main Roman road some miles further to the east. The ancient track ran along a high ridge of Magnesian Limestone which was deposited during the Permian Epoch of the Upper Palaeozoic Era over 225 million years ago and now forms the Lincolnshire Wolds. This ridgeway remained in use throughout the Roman era, as attested by the positioning of the fourth-century burgi at Caistor and Horncastle near the northern and southern ends of this ancient track.

References for Kirmington

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Roman Roads near Kirmington

Ridge Trackway: SSE (7) to Caistor (Lincolnshire) Ridge Trackway: NW (12) to Winteringham (Humberside)

Sites near Kirmington Roman Fort