Winterton Villa


This site lies just over a mile to the west of one of the main Roman routes north between Lincoln (Colonia Lindum) and York, and only 2½ miles from the crossing of the Humber at Winteringham.

A third aisled house lying to the west of the main corridor villa was investigated in 1970 and found to measure 110 x 41 feet (c.33.5 x 12.5 metres), with a twin row of internal dry-stone post-holes set 8 ft (c.2.4 m) apart, which presumably contained the supports for the roof of the structure. The packed-limestone floor of the building had a gulley beneath it at the west end which contained second-century pottery. The eastern end of this building was later demolished to make way for a road which was resurfaced at least once, beside which was found evidence of bronze-working during the late-Roman period.

References for Winterton Villa

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Map References for Winterton Villa

NGRef: SE911182 OSMap: LR112

Roman Roads near Winterton Villa

N (2.5) to Winteringham (Humberside) S (10) to Hibaldstow (Lincolnshire)

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