Minor Settlement

This settlement lies on the south bank of the Abus Fluvius (River Humber) directly south of the large settlement on the opposite bank at Petuaria (Brough-on-Humber). The river is very wide at this point so the crossing was probably made via ferryboat. Wooden jetties have been found on both banks indicating this to be true. The origins of Roman activity on the site appear to be military in nature and pre-Flavian in date, doubtless relating to the control of the Humber crossing in the first few decades following the invasion, but no evidence for a Roman fort. . The site may have been an assembly point and supply base when the army crossed the River Humber for the first time in AD71. Occupation continued into the fourth century.

References for Winteringham

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Map References for Winteringham

NGRef: SE9421 OSMap: LR112

Roman Roads near Winteringham

Ermine Street: S (12) to Hibaldstow (Lincolnshire) Ridge Trackway: SE (12) to Kirmington Humber Ferry: N (2) to Petvaria (Brough-on-Humber, Humberside) S (2.5) to Winterton

Sites near Winteringham