Llanfor Temporary Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

The Llanfor Marching Camp was discovered in 1976 lying just NW of the fort, this camp is only partly traced. A short length of the SW side, 1,000 ft of the SE, and at least 1,250 ft of the NE defences are known, along with the adjoining S and E angles. Both the recorded corner-angles are slightly acute, so the NW side will be appreciably shorter than that on the opposite (SE). The area of the camp would be something in the region of 29 acres.

References for Llanfor

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Map References for Llanfor

NGRef: SH9336 OSMap: LR125

OS National Grid Reference: SH937363
Dimensions: 1,250 x 1,000+ ft (381 x 305+ m)
Area: c.28¾ acres (c.11.6 ha)

Roman Roads near Llanfor

SW (5) to Caergai (Gwynedd) NW (8) to Penrhos

Sites near Llanfor Temporary Camp