Tomen Y Mur Practice Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

Two military practice works have been identified some 350 feet (c.107 m) to the north-west of the Tomen Y Mur Roman Fort. The nearest measures about 55 by 54 feet (c.16.7 x 16.4 m) and has a well-preserved rampart, ditch and upcast counterscarp; there are two opposing gateways defended by tutulus outworks. Another smaller camp, lying about 150 feet (c.46 m) from its larger companion and measuring about 36 by 35 feet (c.11 x 10.7 m), has a single entrance gap in its defences.

There are two more “practice works” nearby along the Nant Twll y Cwm to the east at Braich Ddu (SH7138), also five more at Dolddinas about 2 miles (c.3 km) to the east-south-east in the valley of the Afon Llafar (SH7337).

Sites near Tomen Y Mur Practice Camp