Identified in the early-1960’s by G.D.B. Jones on photographs taken by the R.A.F., this group of five ‘military practice works’ lie on open moorland in the valley of the Afon Llafar about 1¾ miles (c.2.9 km) east-south-east of the Roman fort at Tomen-y-Mur. The camps are rectangular with rounded corners and gateways in two opposing sides. They vary in dimension between 82 x 75 feet (c.25 x 23 m) and 184 x 145 feet (c.56 x 44 m), in area between one-tenth and six-tenths of an acre (c.0.06 – 0.23 ha). As their modern classification implies, these constructs were produced by Roman soldiers during training exercises, very likely conducted from the nearby garrison fort.

References for Dolddinas

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NGRef: SH735378 OSMap: LR124

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None identified

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