Tomen Y Mur Arena or Amphitheatre


This is an oval embanked enclosure set in a slight hollow to the north-east of a Tomen Y Mur Roman Fort and some 50m north of its parade ground. It is about 39m north-south by 37m, enclosing a level, boggy area about 33m by 27m. There are entrances at the north and south ends. The monument is crossed by a disused tramway.

This feature is identified as a small Roman arena or amphitheatre probably used principally as a facility for training soldiers, but possibly also for entertainment, perhaps built to compensate the troops for being posted to such a remote location.  It is the only example known on a Roman military settlement in Wales and the borders apart from those at the legionary fortresses of Chester & Caerleon. All three examples are found close by parade grounds, equally rare in the region.

Close by is an area of levelled ground thought to have been a parade ground.

Barrows ENE of the amphitheatre On a low knoll ENE of the amphitheatre and close to the assumed line of the Roman road heading N are what are thought to be Roman burial barrows. Two appear as low, grassy mounds with square ditches around them, a later bank runs between them. One mound is 6m across and the other 4m across, the ditches around them are about 1.5m wide and 0.2m deep. There may be others nearby.

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