Piercefield Little Camp

Iron Age Hillfort

Piercefield Little Camp is a hillfort situated on roughly square and level terrain above Piercefield Cliffs and the River Wye. It is strategically positioned on steep and rocky slopes directly overlooking a significant bend in the river, allowing for dominant control of the area. It is located a short distance west of Piercefield Great Camp, and the two sites may be associated with each other. The surrounding slopes to the north, south, and west are precipitous, while the eastern slope is steep. The Little Camp measures approximately 98 meters by 82 meters, with an internal area of about 0.72 hectares. The northern side is marked by the precipitous Piercefield Cliffs, while the remaining sides are protected by a bank that reaches up to 3 meters in height. A ditch, averaging 0.8 meters in depth, is visible at the southwest corner and the southern end of the western side. There is a 7-meter gap in the middle of the southern side that may have served as an entrance. The site is currently part-parkland and part-wooded, with 18th-century landscaping associated with Piercefield Park visible within the fortification. Minimal investigations have been conducted at the site, and its exact dating remains uncertain.

Sites near Piercefield Little Camp