St Julian's Wood Camp

Iron Age Hillfort

St Julian’s Wood Camp  is believed to be the remains of a defended enclosure, likely dating to the Iron Age period (c. 800 BC – AD 74, the Roman conquest of Wales). Defended enclosures were typically situated on elevated ground and protected by artificial ramparts consisting of banks and ditches.

The camp is located on the upper slopes of Christchurch ridge, overlooking the Usk valley to the north. It is characterized by faint traces of banks and ditches on a northwest-facing slope. There is a scarp measuring 0.6 – 2 meters in height, with a faint external ditch at its southern end. Additionally, a possible low bank, approximately 0.2 meters in height, can be traced running in a northwest-southeast direction, perpendicular to the scarp. Aerial photographs indicate that during World War II, the site was converted into allotments, which may explain the reduction of the well-defined earthwork as depicted on early Ordnance Survey maps.

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