Iron Age Hillfort

There are a pair of conjoined polygonal enclosures located on a southeast-facing slope. These enclosures appear to be field enclosures, possibly dating back to prehistoric or Iron Age times, and are associated with the Coed y Defaid Camp hillfort located on the summit of the hill to the northwest.

There are cropmarks that indicate a trapezoid ditched enclosure, measuring approximately 70m from west-northwest to east-southeast, and 35-60m wide. From this enclosure, a ditch extends south-southwest for approximately 60m, until it reaches the line of a former hedgeline. There are also possible traces of rectilinear structures within the enclosure itself. The enclosures are situated on a low spur between two watercourses, and the entire site is marked by cropmarks visible from aerial photographs.

Sites near Graig-y-Saeson