Rhiwderyn Camp

Iron Age Hillfort

The earthwork enclosure, situated on the north-eastern end of a ridge on the southern side of the Ebbw Valley, is believed to be of later prehistoric origin. It takes the form of a roughly circular structure with a diameter of approximately 73 meters, enclosed by a bank. The best-preserved section of the bank is on the south-eastern side, where it reaches a height of up to 1.5 meters and has a width of 10 meters. However, on the remaining sides, the bank has been eroded by ploughing, leaving behind a scarp. The north-eastern side of the enclosure’s scarp exhibits quarry holes and low spoil mounds.

The natural slopes of the hillock are gradual on most sides, except for the north-western side, where the ground drops steeply. The interior of the enclosure is level and intersects with post-medieval field boundaries. While the site has been previously classified as a small univallate hill-top camp by the OS card, more recent descriptions by Cadw have categorized it as a ringwork site under the classification of ‘Medieval and Post Medieval Secular’. Further investigation is needed to determine the exact nature and date of the enclosure, as evidence for both a prehistoric defended enclosure and a ringwork are inconclusive. The site is also affected by post-medieval field boundaries, but these are not believed to have caused significant damage to the monument.

Sites near Rhiwderyn Camp