Coed y Defaid Camp

Iron Age Hillfort

The monument consists of the remains of a univallate hillfort, likely dating back to the Iron Age period (around 800 BC – AD 74, during the Roman conquest of Wales). It is located on a hilltop west of Newport and is approximately circular, with a diameter of 95m. The hillfort features a single bank and outer ditch. The interior of the hillfort is flat and slopes gently towards the south. It is associated with Graig-y-Saeson.

On the eastern side of the hillfort, there is a gap in the bank that measures 3m wide and 1.6m deep, with a corresponding causeway across the ditch. The bank has an external height of 2.5m and an internal height of 1m south of the gap, and 2m north of it. The ditch is 1.5m deep. Along the northern side, the bank has an internal height of 2m and an external height of 3m, with a ditch depth ranging from 1-2m. On the northwest side, the bank has an internal height of 1m and the ditch is 0.5m deep, with a steep-sided bank.

The western side of the hillfort is similar, with a narrow gap in the bank measuring 2m wide. On the southern side, the bank has an internal height varying from 0.5 to 1.5m, and an external height of 2.2m, with a ditch depth of 1.4m that contains fallen trees. Outside the ditch is a low bank with an external height of 0.2m. Unfortunately, the hillfort has recently suffered extensive damage, with much of the southwest quarter being destroyed.

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