The Mount Hillfort

Iron Age Defended Enclosures

The Mount Hillfort comprises the remains of a univallate hillfort, believed to date back to the Iron Age period (circa 800 BC – AD 74, the Roman conquest of Wales). It is located atop a low ridge in a cultivated field. The earthwork is circular in shape, measuring approximately 73m in diameter, and consists of a gently sloping bank or scarp surrounding a flat interior.

On the northern side, there is a bank with a small internal height, not exceeding 0.3m, and an external height of 1.8m. Outside of this is a sloping berm, followed by a gently sloping scarp that is 1.5m high. The eastern side features a scarp that is 1.5m high, with a faint ditch outside of it. On the southern side, there is a bank with a similar small internal height as the northern side, and an external height of 1.5m. There is no external ditch on the eastern end, but on the western end, the bank is steeper and accompanied by an external ditch with a depth of 1.2m. The western side, however, has a very low scarp and no external ditch. It is evident that the hillfort has been somewhat reduced due to ploughing activity in the area.

Sites near The Mount Hillfort