Cohors Primae Cugernorum – The First Cohort of Cugerni

A five-hundred strong auxiliary infantry unit recruited from the Cugerni tribe of Germania Inferior, who inhabited the lands between the Meuse and the Rhine. They were close neighbours of the Baetasii and the Batavi, who were all used by the Romans as peregrine auxiliary troops. They are attested in stone on a milestone recovered from Newbridge near Cramond, on the Firth of Forth in Scotland, close to the eastern terminus of the Antonine Wall and contemporary with it.

Evidence for the presence of Cohors Primae Cugernorum in Britain

  1. Burn 95; CIL XVI.48; military diploma, dated: January 19th 103AD.
  2. Cil Vii.1195; privilegia militvm, dated: September 16th 124AD.
  3. Newbridge near Cramond (RIB 2313 milestone 140-144AD).

Cohors Ulpia Traiana Cugernorum civium Romanorum The Ulpian Cohort of Cugerni, Trajans own, citizens of Rome

It would appear likely that this unit is synonymous with Coh I Cugernum. Their first garrison in the north was possibly at Carrawburgh on Hadrian’s Wall, followed by a posting near Cramond in Scotland, being removed back to the Hadrianic frontier at Newcastle-upon-Tyne when the Antonine barrier was abandoned.

  1. Burn 100; CIL XVI.65; military diploma dated July 17th 122AD.
  2. Newcastle upon Tyne (RIB 1322c, base 213AD?).
  3. Carrawburgh (RIB 1524, altar).