The Inscribed Coins of the Trinovantes

NameUnitObverseReverseCatalogue Refs.
AddedomarosAV staterAθθDIIDOMS.200, M.266, V.1605, BMC.2390-2394
 AV staterAθθDIIDOMS.201, M.267, V.1620, BMC.2396-2404
 AV staterAθθDIIDOMS.202, M.268, V.1635, BMC.2405-2415
 AV ¼ staterAθθDIIDOMS.205, M.269, V.1638, BMC.2422-2424
DubnovellaunusAV staterDVBNOVAIIAVNOSS.207, M.275, V.1650, BMC.2425-2440
 AV ¼ staterDVBNOVAIIAVNOSS.208, M.276, V.1660, BMC.2442
 AR unitDVBNOS.209, M.288, V.165, BMC.2443/2444
 AR unitDVB[NOV]S.210, M.278, V.1667, BMC.2445
 AE unitDVBNOS.211, M.281, V.1669, BMC.2446-2448
DirasAV staterDIRASS.213, M.279, V.162, BMC.2449

The following acronyms, abbreviations and symbols are used in the above linked table:

  • S.nnn – Spink Standard Catalogue of British Coins (2002) 37th ed.
  • M.nnn – R.P. Mack The Coinage of Ancient Britain (1975) 3rd ed.
  • V.nnnn – R.D. Van Arsdell Iron-age Coinage of Britain (1989).
  • BMC.nnnn – R. Hobbs British Iron Age Coins in the British Museum (1996).
  • AV – Aureum ‘gold’.
  • AR – Argentum ‘silver’.
  • AE – Aes ‘copper’.
  • • – ‘bullet’ used to separate words printed in different areas of the coin face.