The Inscribed Coins of the Catuvellauni

NameUnitObverseReverseCatalogue Refs.
TasciovanusAV staterTASCIAVS.214, M.149, V.1680, BMC.1591-1603
 AV staterTASCIAVS.215, M.150, V.1682, BMC.1604/1605
 AV staterTASCIOVAN • CAMS.216, M.186/186a, V.1684, BMC.1606/1607
 AV staterTASCS.217, M.154/155/157, V.1730-1732, BMC.1608-1613
 AV staterV[ER]TASCS.218, M.156/157, V.1734/1735, BMC.1623-1624
 AV staterTASCIO[V] RICONS.219, M.184, V.1780, BMC.1628-1636
 AV ¼ staterCAMS.222, M.187, V.1694, BMC.1640
 AV ¼ staterTASCITASCS.223, M.153, V.1692, BMC.1641
 AV ¼ staterVEROTASS.224, M.152, V.1690, BMC.1642/1643
 AV ¼ staterTASCIOS.225, M.195, V.1848, BMC.1646
 AV ¼ staterTASCS.226, M.185, V.1786, BMC.1647-1650
 AR unitVERS.228, BMC.1655
 AR unitTASCIS.229, BMC.1656/1657
 AR unitTASCIOS.230, M.158, V.1745, BMC.1667/1668
 AR unitTASS.231, M.159, V.1790, BMC.1660
 AR unitTASCIAS.232, M.160, V.1792, BMC.1658/1659
 AR unitVERTASCIAS.233, M.161, V.1699, BMC.1670-1673
 AR unitTASCIAS.235, M.163, V.1794, BMC.1681/1682
 AR unitVERLTASS.236, M.164, V.1796, BMC.1661/1662
 AR unitTASCS.237, M.165, V.1798, BMC.1664/1665
 AR unitVIRS.239, BMC.1666
 AR unitTASS.240, BMC.1669
 AE double unitTASCIA VAS.241, M.178, V.1818, BMC.1685-1687
 AE unitTASCS.242, M.167, V.1705, BMC.1711-1713
 AE unitVER[L]VIIR or VERS.243, M.168, V.1707, BMC.1714-1721
 AE unitTASS.244, M.169, V.1709, BMC.1722/1723
 AE unitTASCVERS.245, M.170, V.1711, BMC.1688/1689
 AE unitVIRS.246, M.171, V.1750, BMC.1724-1727
 AE unitVERLAMIOS.247, M.172, V.1808, BMC.1745-1751
 AE unitVERLAMIOTASCIS.249, M.175, V.1812, BMC.1709/1710
 AE unitTASCIOTA SCIS.250, M.176, V.1814, BMC.1736-1738
 AE unitVERS.251, M.177, V.1816, BMC.1739-1744
 AE unitVERS.252, M.179, V.1713, BMC.1702-1705
 AE unitVIRS.253, M.180, V.1820, BMC.1706-1708
 AE unitVER[L]S.254, M.183a, V.1717
 AE ½ unitVERS.256, M.182, V.1715, BMC.1765-1768
SegoAV staterTASCIOSEGOS.259, M.194, V.1845, BMC.1625-27
 AR unitSEGOS.260, M.196, V.1851, BMC.1684
 AE unitSEGOS.261, M.173, V.1855, BMC.1690
AndocoAV staterANDS.262, M.197, V.1860, BMC.2011-14
 AV ¼ staterA N D OS.263, M.198, V.1863, BMC.2015-17
 AR unitANDOCS.264, M.199, V.1868, BMC.2018
 AE unitANDOCOANDOCOS.265, M.200, V.1871, BMC.2019/20
 AE unitTAS ANDOS.266, M.175a, V.1873
DiasAR unitTASC DIASS.267, BMC.1663
 AR unitDIAS COVIRS.268, M.188, V.1877, BMC.1683
 AE unitDIAS TASCS.269, M.192, V.1882, BMC.1728-35
RuesAE unitRVIIS.270, M.189, V.1890, BMC.1691
 AE unitRVES.271, M.189, V.1890-3, BMC.1692
 AE unitRVIISVIRS.272, M.190, V.1892, BMC1698-1701
 AE unitRVIISS.273, M.191, V.1895, BMC.1693-97
CunobelinAV staterCAMVLCVNOBELINS.280, M.201, V.1910, BMC.1769-71
 AV staterCA MVCVNS.281, M.210, V.1925, BMC.1772-76
 AV staterCA MV XCVNS.282, M.210a, V.1925-3/5, BMC.1777-81
 AV staterCA MVCVN[O]S.283, M.211/2, V.1931/33, BMC.1784-92/1804-08
 AV staterCA MVCVN[O]S.284, M.211 var, V.1931-3, BMC.1793
 AV staterCA • MVCVN[O]S.285, V.1931-5/7/9, BMC.1797-1803
 AV staterCA MVCVNOS.286, M.203/13, V.2010/1/3/5, BMC.1809-11/15-23
 AV staterCA MVB CVNOS.287, V.2010-17, BMC.1813
 AV staterCA MVCVNOS.288, M.206/7, V.2025/27, BMC.1827-31/33
 AV staterCA MVCVNOS.289, M.208, V.2029, BMC.1834/5
 AV ¼ staterCAMVLCVNOBELINS.290, M.202, V.1913, BMC.1836/a
 AV ¼ staterCA MVCVNS.292, M.209, V.1927, BMC.1837-42
 AV ¼ staterCA MVCVN[O]S.293, V.1935, BMC.1843/4
 AV ¼ staterCA MVCVNOS.294, M.204, V.2015, BMC.1846-8
 AV ¼ staterCAM CVNS.295, M.205, V.2017, BMC.1845
 AV ¼ staterCA MVCVNOS.296, V.2038
 AR unitCVNOS.299, M.214, V.1947, BMC.1856
 AR unitCVNS.300, BMC.1857
 AR unitCVN[C]MS.301, M.255, V.1949, BMC.1858/9
 AR unitCVNO BELICVNS.302, M.216/7, V.1951/53, BMC.1862
 AR unitCAMVLCVNOS.303, M.215, V.2045, BMC.1863-65
 AR unitCVNCAMS.304, M.218, V.2047, BMC.1866/7
 AR unitCAMVCVNOS.305, M.219, V.2049, BMC.1867a
 AR unitCVNOCAMVS.306, M.234, V.2051, BMC.1868/9
 AR unitCAMVLCVNOS.307, M.234a, V.1918
 AR unitCVNOTACS FS.311, M.235, V.2053, BMC.1870
 AR unitCVNOBELINITASCIOS.312, M.236, V.2055, BMC.1871-3
 AR unitCVNOTASCIOS.313, M.237, V.2057, BMC.1874-8
 AR unitTASCIIOVANS.314, M.238, V.2059, BMC.1879-82
 AR unitCVNOTASCIOVAS.315, M.239, V.2061, BMC.1884/5
 AR unitCVNOBELINVSTASCIIOVANIS.317, M.240, V.2063, BMC.1886-8
 AR unitCVNOS.318, M.241/a, V.2065, BMC.1889-90
 AR unitCVNCVNS.319, M.254, V.2067, BMC.1891/2
 AR unitCVN.CAMS.320, M.256, V.2069, BMC.1893
 AR unitCVNS.321, M.258, V.2071, BMC.1896
 AR unitCVNOCVNOS.322, BMC.1898
 AE unitCVNOS.323, M.220, V.1969
 AE unitCVNOB ELINITASCS.324, M.221, V.1971, BMC.1921-7
 AE unitCAMCVNS.325, M.222, V.1973, BMC.1938-43
 AE unitCVNS.326, M.223, V.1963, BMC.1904/5
 AE unitCAMS.327, M.224, V.1965
 AE unitCAMVCVNS.328, M.225, V.2081, BMC.1909-12
 AE unitCAMVCVN[O]S.329, M.226/29, V.2085/2131, BMC.1900/1
 AE unitCVNOCVNS.330, M.227, V.2083, BMC.1902/3
 AE unitCVNCVNS.331, M.228, V.2135
 AE unitCAMVL / ODVNOCVNOS.332, M.230, V.1977, BMC.1928-30
 AE unitCAMVCV NOS.333, M.231, V.1979, BMC.1931-4
 AE unitCVNS.334, M.232, V.1981, BMC.1935
 AE unitCAMCVNOS.335, M.233, V.2087
 AE unitCVNOBELINITASCIOVANI•FS.336, M.242, V.2089, BMC.1968-71
 AE unitTASCIIOVANII • FS.337, M.243, V.2091, BMC.1956-60
 AE unitCVNOBTASCIIOVANTISS.338, M.244, V.2093, BMC.1961-7
 AE unitCVOBELINVS REXTASC FILS.339, M.245, V.1983, BMC.1952-5
 AE unitCVNOBELINVS REXTASCS.340, M.246, V.2095, BMC.1944-51
 AE unitCVNOTASCS.341, M.247, V.1985
 AE unitCVNOBELINTASCIOS.342, M.248, V.2097, BMC.1972-83
 AE unitCVNOTASCIS.343, M.249, V.2099, BMC.1913-9
 AE unitCVNOCAMVS.344, M.250, V.2101, BMC.1987-90
 AE unitCVNOBELINCAMS.345, M.251, V.2103, BMC.1984-6
 AE unitCVNOCAMVS.346, M.252, V.2105, BMC.1998-2003
 AE unitCVNOBCAMS.347, M.253, V.2107, BMC.1991-7
 AE unitCVNOCA MS.348, M.260, V.2109, BMC.2004-9
 AE unitCVNS.349, M.261, V.1987, BMC.1936-47
 AE unitCVNS.350, M.233a, V.1967
 AE unitCVNS ES.350a, V.1989, BMC.2010
 AR unitSOLIDVCVNOS.351, M.259, V.2073, BMC.1894/5
 AV ¼ staterCAM CVNAGRS.352, BMC.1854
 AV ¼ staterAS.353, BMC.1855
 AR unitAGRAGRS.354, BMC.1899
EpaticcusAV staterTAS CIFEPATIS.355, M.262, V.575, BMC.2021-3
 AR unitEPAT[I]S.356, M.263/a, V.580, BMC.2024-2268/2270-6
 AR unitTASCIOVEPATS.357, M.263, V.581, BMC.2294-2328
 AR unitTASCIOEPATIS.358, V.582, BMC.2329
 AR unitEPATIS.359, V.583, BMC.2330
 AR minimEPATITAS.360, M.264, V.585, BMC.2331-46
 AR minimTAEPAS.361, V.560, BMC.2351-7
 AR minimES.362, BMC.2358-63
 AR minimEPATIS.363, BMC.2365
CaratacusAR unitCARAS.364, M.265, V.593, BMC.2376-84
 AR minimCARAS.364a, V.595, BMC.2385/9

The following acronyms, abbreviations and symbols are used in the above linked table:

  • S.nnn – Spink Standard Catalogue of British Coins (2002) 37th ed.
  • M.nnn – R.P. Mack The Coinage of Ancient Britain (1975) 3rd ed.
  • V.nnnn – R.D. Van Arsdell Iron-age Coinage of Britain (1989).
  • BMC.nnnn – R. Hobbs British Iron Age Coins in the British Museum (1996).
  • AV – Aureum ‘gold’.
  • AR – Argentum ‘silver’.
  • AE – Aes ‘copper’.
  • • – ‘bullet’ used to separate words printed in different areas of the coin face.