The Inscribed Coins of the Cantiaci

NameUnitObverseReverseCatalogue Refs.
DubnovellaunusAV staterDVBNOV[ELLAVNVS]S.177, M.282, V.169, BMC.2492-2496
 AR unitDVBNOS.179, M.286, V.171, BMC.2499-2501
 AR unitDVBNOS.180, M.287, V.178, BMC.2502/2503
 AE unitDVBNS.181, M.290, V.166, BMC.2504-2506
 AE unitDVBNOS.182, M.291, V.181, BMC.2507/2508
 AE unitDVBNOS.183, M.289, V.180, BMC.2509/2510
VosenosAV stater[VOSE]NOSS.184, M.297, V.184, BMC.2511/2512
 AV ¼ staterVOSIS.185, M.298, V.185, BMC.2514/2515
 AR unitISOVS.186, M.299a, V.186
SamAR unitSAS.187
 AE unitSAS.187a, M.299, V.187, BMC.2516-2519
 AE unitSAMSAMS.187b
AmminusAR unitAMMINIVSDVNS.188, M.313, V.192, BMC.2522/2523
 AR unitAS • AMS.190, M.314, V.194, BMC.2520/2521
 Ae unitAMDVNOS.189, V.193
 AE unitAMS.191, M.315, V.195, BMC.2524
EppillusAV staterCOMFEPPILLVSS.107, M.300, V.430, BMC.1125/1126
 AV staterF EPPI COMS.108, M.301, V.431, BMC.1127/1128
 AV ¼ staterE P P IS.109, M.303, V.436, BMC.1129
 AV ¼ staterCOMFEPPIS.110, M.304, V.437, BMC.1130/1131
 AR unitEPPILEPPILS.111, M.306, V.441, BMC.1132
 AE unitEPPI COMFS.112, M.309, V.450, BMC.1137/1138
 AE unitEPPI COFS.113, M.310, V.451, BMC.1139-1141
 AE unitEPPIS.114, M.311, V.452, BMC.1142
 AE unitEPPI CFCFS.115, M.312, V.453

Eppilus also issued coin in the territories of the Atrebates

The following acronyms, abbreviations and symbols are used in the above linked table:

  • S.nnn – Spink Standard Catalogue of British Coins (2002) 37th ed.
  • M.nnn – R.P. Mack The Coinage of Ancient Britain (1975) 3rd ed.
  • V.nnnn – R.D. Van Arsdell Iron-age Coinage of Britain (1989).
  • BMC.nnnn – R. Hobbs British Iron Age Coins in the British Museum (1996).
  • AV – Aureum ‘gold’.
  • AR – Argentum ‘silver’.
  • AE – Aes ‘copper’.
  • • – ‘bullet’ used to separate words printed in different areas of the coin face.