The Inscribed Coins of the Atrebates

NameUnitObverseReverseCatalogue Refs.
Commius AV staterCOM MIOSS.65, M.92, V.350, BMC.724-729
 AV staterCOM MIOS • ES.66, V.352, BMC.730
 AV ¼ staterϝS.67, M.83, V.353/354
 AR unitES.69, V.355, BMC.731-758
Tincommius / Tincomarus AV staterTINC • COMM FS.71, M.93, V.362
 AV staterTINCOMARVSS.72, M.94, V.363, BMC.761-765
 AV ¼ staterTINCOMS.74, M.95, V.365, BMC.798-810
 AV staterTINCOC FS.75, M.96-98, V.375/376, BMC.765-769
 AV staterCOM [F]TINS.76, M.100, V.385, BMC.770-774
 AV ¼ staterTINC • C • A/BS.77, M.97, V.378, BMC.811-826
 AV ¼ staterTINS.78, M.99, V.379, BMC.827-837
 AV ¼ staterCOMFTINS.79, M.101, V.387, BMC.838-841
 AV ¼ staterTICS.80, M.102, V.388, BMC.842-851
 AV ¼ staterCOMTS.81, M.103, V.389, BMC.852/853
 AV ¼ staterCOMFTINCS.82, M.104, V.390, BMC.854-879
 AR unitTINCOM • VS.83, M.105, V.397, BMC.880-905
 AR unitTINCS.84, M.106, V.396, BMC.906-910
 AR unitTIN[C]S.85, V.381, BMC.911-925
 AR unitTINCS.86, V.370, BMC.926-929
 AR unitTINCS.87, V.372, BMC.930-945
 AR unitTINCS.88, V.371, BMC.946-977
 AR unitTINCS.89, M.106a, V.382, BMC.978-980
 AR unitTINCOMMIVSS.90, M.131b, V.473
 AR minimC FTINCS.91, M.118, V.381-383, BMC.981-982
 AR minimC OTIS.92, V.383-385
 AR minimCTINS.93, V.386/387, BMC.983
 AR minimTS.94, M.120, V.483, BMC.984/985
EppillusAV staterEPPI COM FS.95, V.405
 AV ¼ staterCALLEVEPPIS.96, M.107, V.407/408, BMC.986-1005
 AV ¼ staterCOMM F EPPILVS.97, V.409, BMC.1006-1009
 AV ¼ staterEPPIL • COMFS.98, M.302, V.435, BMC.1010-1015
 AR unitREX • CALLEEPPS.99, M.108, V.415, BMC.1016-1060
 AR unitEPPI[L] • F • CO[M]S.100, V.416, BMC.1061-1087
 AR unitEPP COMFS.101, M.305, V.417, BMC.1088-1115
 AR minimEPPIS.102, V.420, BMC.1116/1117
 AR minimEPPS.103, V.421, BMC.1118-1120
 AR minimEPPS.104, V.422, BMC.1121-1124
 AR minimEPPS.105, V.423
Eppilus the son of Commius also issued coin in Cantium
Eppillus / Verica AG unitCO • VIREPS.116, M.303, V.442, BMC.1133/1134
 AG unitVIR • COEPPI • COMFS.117, M.308/308a, V.443, BMC.1135/1136
VericaAV staterCOM FVIRS.118, M.109, V.460, BMC.1143/1144
 AV staterCOM FVIRS.119, M.121, V.461, BMC.1146-1153
 AV staterCOM F VIR • REXS.120, M.121, V.500, BMC.1155-1158
 AV staterVI • RIC O FS.121, M.125, V.520-521, BMC.1159-1173
 AV staterVE • RICOFS.122, M.125, V.520-525, BMC.1174-1176
 AV ¼ staterCOMFVIRS.123, M.111, V.465, BMC.1177/1178
 AV ¼ staterCOMFVIS.124, M.112, V.466, BMC.1179-1206
 AV ¼ staterCOMFVIS.125, M.113, V.467, BMC.1207-1216
 AV ¼ staterCOM FILIVIR[I]S.126, M.114, V.468, BMC.1217-1222
 AV ¼ staterVERI COMFREXS.127, M.122, V.501, BMC.1223-1236
 AV ¼ staterVERIF R XS.128, M.124, V.525, BMC.1237/1238
 AV ¼ staterCOMVERICAS.129, M.126, V.526, BMC.1239
 AV ¼ staterCOMVIRIS.130, M.127, V.527, BMC.1240
 AR unitCOMFVI[RI]S.131, M.115, V.470/472, BMC.1241-1331
 AR unitVERICA COMMI FREXS.132, M.123, V.505, BMC.1332-1359
 AR unitCOMMI FVERI CAS.133, M.128, V.530, BMC.1360-1392
 AR unitCOMMI FVERICAS.134, M.129, V.531, BMC.1393-1419
 AR unitVIRIS.135, M.130, V.532, BMC.1420
 AR unitCOMMI FS.136, M.131, V.533, BMC.1421-1449
 AR unitVERICA REXCOMMI FS.137, V.506, BMC.1450-1484
 AR unitCOMFVI RIS.138, V.471, BMC.1485-1505
 AR unitVIRICS.139
 AR unitVERICACOMMI FS.140, M.131a, V.534
 AR minimCOFVES.141, V.384, BMC.1506
 AR minimVIRICOS.142, M.116, V.480
 AR minimVIRS.143, M.120a/120c, V.484, BMC.1514-1517
 AR minimVIRIC (rev.)S.144, V.485, BMC.1518
 AR minimVIR VARCOS.148, M.120d, V.511, BMC.1507-1512
 AR minimC F OVERI CAS.149, V.550, BMC.1524/1525
 AR minimCFVERICS.150, M.132, V.551, BMC.1526-1533
 AR minimCFVERICAS.151, M.120e, V.552, BMC.1534-1537
 AR minimCFVER REXS.152, V.553, BMC.1538-1541
 AR minimVER COMS.153, V.554, BMC.1542
 AR minimCFS.155, V.556, BMC.1559-1563
 AR minimCFVERIS.156, V.557, BMC.1564-1568
 AR minimVERICOMMI FS.157, V.559
 AR minimVERRICA COMMI FS.159, V.563, BMC.1572-1578
 AR minimVIRS.160, M.117, V.564, BMC.1579-1581
 AR minimCFVES.162, BMC.1583-1586
 AR minimCOMM IFVES.163, BMC.1587-1589
 AR minimAVI COS.164, BMC.1590

The following acronyms, abbreviations and symbols are used in the above linked table:

  • S.nnn – Spink Standard Catalogue of British Coins (2002) 37th ed.
  • M.nnn – R.P. Mack The Coinage of Ancient Britain (1975) 3rd ed.
  • V.nnnn – R.D. Van Arsdell Iron-age Coinage of Britain (1989).
  • BMC.nnnn – R. Hobbs British Iron Age Coins in the British Museum (1996).
  • AV – Aureum ‘gold’.
  • AR – Argentum ‘silver’.
  • AE – Aes ‘copper’.
  • • – ‘bullet’ used to separate words printed in different areas of the coin face.