Brompton 2 Temporary Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

There are at least two temporary camps lying close by to the east of the Brompton fort, which may possibly be attributed to the same period, perhaps preceeding the fort by a few months or so. Another undated but probably contemporary marching camp lies about five miles to the south-west at Glanmiheli in Powys (SO1590).
This smaller camp lies wholly within the perimeter of Camp-1. The entire northern defences may be traced, around 755 feet (230m) in length, along with part of the north-east corner angle which appears slightly obtuse, the complete and slightly acute north-west angle and about 740 feet (225m) of the west side. If we assume that the A489 road again obscures the southern defences then this camp would have delineated a parallelogram, again almost square, enclosing an area sufficient for perhaps 3 or 4 cohorts, between about 1,500 to 2,000 men.

Map References for Brompton

OS National Grid Reference: SO249933
Dimensions: c.755 x 740 ft (c.230 x 225 m)
Area: c.13 acres (c.5.2 ha)

References for Brompton

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Roman Roads near Brompton

Probable Tactical Road: NW (4) to Forden Gaer (Forden Gaer, Powys) Tactical Road: SE (13) to Stretford Bridge (Shropshire)

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