The Roveries, hill-fort (SO/325925) 19 miles SW of Shrewsbury, (A5, A49), 2¼ miles N of Bishop’s Castle (a488, B4385). Finds in Shrewsbury Museum. – This oval hill-fort with outlier across he valley to the N, encloses 6 acres. It is defended by a drystone-faced rampart and no ditch. A deep in-turned entrance, with rock-cut post holes for gate with bridge and rectangular guard-chambers, is near the centre of the N side and is open for inspection, as the pre-1939 excavators left it. A well-marked ancient track approaches it up the hillside. A second entrance, in addition to the original plan, is opposite on the SE side. Here an out-turned arm, drystone-faced, was added running down the hill to the E and a gap was cut through the original line of rampart. The length of unfilled causewayed ditch within the camp near the W end may represent the original W side, abandoned in favour of the present plan.

GtPE, p.185

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NGRef: SO324926 OSMap: LR137

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