Pentreheyling or Brompton Roman Fort

Claudian Auxiliary Fort (AD 43–54)

The Roman fort at Pentreheyling near Brompton in Shropshire stands at the conflux of the Rivers Camlad and the Caebitra, which are both tributaries of the Severn. Judging from its closeness to the later fort at Forden Gaer, the Brompton fort can probably be attributed to the early campaigns of the governor Publius Ostorius Scapula sometime around 47/48AD, and possibly fell into disuse after only a short occupation.

The fort measures around 590 feet from ENE to WSW, by about 510 feet transversely (c.180 x 150 metres), and thus encloses an area of almost 6¾ acres (c.2.68 ha). This is enough space to house an ala quingenaria, a five-hundred strong auxiliary cavalry regiment, or perhaps a cohors peditata milliaria an auxiliary infantry cohort of a nominal one-thousand soldiers, perhaps evan a couple of legionary infantry cohorts; there have been no recorded finds which shed any light on this area.

Map References for Pentreheyling Fort

OS National Grid Reference: SO245931
Dimensions: c.590 x 490 ft (c.180 x 150 m)
Area: c.6¾ acres (c.2.68 ha)

References for Brompton

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Roman Roads near Brompton

Probable Tactical Road: NW (4) to Forden Gaer (Forden Gaer, Powys) Tactical Road: SE (13) to Stretford Bridge (Shropshire)

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