Bochastle Temporary Camp (Callander)

Marching or Temporary Camp

This temporary camp was discovered in 1949 and occupies the land to the south-west of the fort at Bochastle, between the fort and the Eas Gobhain and encloses an area around and including Bochastle farm. The encampment is Flavian in date, as testified by its Stracathro-type entrances.

References for Callander Camp

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Map References for Callander Camp

NGRef: NN6107 OSMap: LR57

OS National Grid Reference: NN6107
Dimensions: 1,740 x 1,200 ft (530 x 365 m)
Area: 47¾ acres (19.4 ha)

Roman Roads near Callander Camp

None identified

Sites near Bochastle Temporary Camp (Callander)