Malling Temporary Camp

Marching or Temporary Camp

This camp lies just north-west of the fort at Menteith; there is another camp a little to the south-east, also at Menteith. This is a so-called Stracatho style marching camp and is thought to date to the Agricolan campaign of 82-83.   These camps include Dalswinton, Castledykes, Menteith, Dalginross, Ythan Wells, Auchinhove and Inverquharity.  All of them have distinctive double clavicula protuding entryways.  The right clavical projects outward in a straight line, while the left one projects in an arc.  This type entry was first observed at the Stracatho Marching Camp.

Map References for Malling Camp

OSMap: LR57

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