Pen y Castell, Kenfig Hill

Iron Age Hillfort

Pen y Castell, Kenfig Hill is a hillfort believed to date to the Iron Age period, around 800 BC to AD 74, during the Roman conquest of Wales. It is located at the western end of a ridge, with steep natural slopes surrounding it on the north, west, and south sides. However, past quarrying activities at the north-west end have resulted in the removal of a significant portion of the bank, and the interior of the hillfort at the west end has been hollowed out as a result. There is also evidence of further quarrying immediately to the south-west of the site.

The impact of quarrying on the hillfort is apparent, with the loss of original earthworks and the alteration of the landscape. Despite this disturbance, the hillfort remains as a significant archaeological site that provides insights into the ancient settlement patterns and defensive strategies of the Iron Age communities in the region. Further study and investigation of the site may reveal more about its original layout and function during its occupation in the Iron Age period.

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