Mynydd Twmpathyddaer

Iron Age Hillfort

The possible contour hillfort, which was once located on a low rounded hill above the sea to the south and the estuary of Afon Ogwr (Ogmore River) to the southeast, has been severely impacted by quarrying (Stormy Down Quarry) and other disturbances, resulting in its near destruction. The enclosure was roughly circular in form, measuring approximately 120m in diameter, and was protected by a single rampart with a ditch, enclosing an area of around 1.2 hectares.

Today, only two stretches of the rampart remain visible. At the NNW (north-northwest) end, the bank reaches a height of approximately 1.2m, with a ditch measuring around 0.3m in depth. At the WSW (west-southwest) end, there is a short section of rampart with a bank approximately 0.7m high and a ditch about 0.7m deep. An entrance gap can be discerned at the eastern end, with outworks located at the western end, although these features are barely visible due to the site’s degradation.

The hillfort’s remains are minimal, with undated investigations indicating its existence. However, the first edition Ordnance Survey map from 1876-77 shows the hillfort’s presence at that time. Unfortunately, the quarrying and other disturbances have resulted in significant damage to the site, with much of it being nearly gone or severely degraded.

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