Mynydd y Gaer

Iron Age Hillfort

Mynydd y Gaer is a sub-circular, partial contour fort is located at the end of a southeast-facing spur that projects from Mynydd y Gaer to the watershed between Ewenni Fach and Afon Clun. The site is characterized by steep slopes on all sides, except for the northwest where there is access from the spur ridge and the slopes are moderate. There are deep stream valleys on the northeast and southwest sides of the fort. The internal area of the fort is approximately 1 hectare.

The site is defined by a strong earthen bank and ditch, with a counterscarp bank. The bank measures approximately 20 meters wide by 3 meters high overall, and appears to be set out in straight sections, forming an irregular polygon with possibly twelve sides, although some damage makes this uncertain. This could be evidence of gang working, where the banks were constructed by groups of workers. There is a possible entrance on the south with a worn-down inturn of approximately 10 meters. There are modern gaps on the east and northwest sides, with a track passing through one of them. There are also field banks outside the fort, which are likely modern additions. The site is depicted on the 1st Ed. OS map from 1877. Minimal investigations have been conducted at the site, and their exact dating remains uncertain.

Sites near Mynydd y Gaer