The site of a Roman fort at Wensley. Cropmarks of the fort survive which is believed to be possibly Flavian in date. The fort has an internal area of 1.3 hectares (3.25 acres), the defences consisting of double ditches, approximately 6 metres apart, the internal measurements being 130 metres north-west to south-east by 100 metres north-east to south-west. The north-east, south-east and south-west sides are clearly visible, also the north angle and part of the north-west side. The three visible gateways, each protected by a titulus, are near central to the sides. From the size, defences, and situation the Wensley fort would appear to be of Flavian date.

Map References for Wensley

NGRef: SE0889 OSMap: LR99

Roman Roads near Wensley

Possible road: ENE (10) to Cataractonivm Possible road: W (8) to Virosidvm

Sites near Wensley Roman Fort