Forts of the Second Antonine Period

Welsh Forts Occupied During the Late-Antonine Period

Antonine Period II (c.158AD – c.162)

TRIMONTIVM (Newstead, Borders)NT5734Large Fort
Glenlochar, Dumfries & GallowayNX7364Large Fort
CORSTOPITVM (Corbridge, Northumberland)NY9864Fort
HABITANCVM (Risingham, Northumberland)NY8986Fort
BREMENIVM (High Rochester, Northumberland)NY8398Fort
Inveresk, LothianNT3472Fort
Cramond, LothianNT1976Fort
BLATOBVLGIVM (Birrens, Dumfries & Galloway)NY2175Fort
Castledykes, StrathclydeNS9244Fort
Bothwellhaugh, StrathclydeNS7357Fort
Whitemoss, ??Fort
CAMELON (Camelon, Central)NS8680Fort
ALAVNA (Ardoch, Tayside)NN8309Fort
Strageath, TaysideNN8918Fort
Bertha, TaysideNO0926Fort
Cappuck, BordersNT6921Small Fort
Crawford, StrathclydeNS9521Small Fort
Chew Green, NorthumberlandNT7808Fortlet
Milton, Dumfries & GallowayNT0901Fortlet
Lyne, BordersNT1840Fortlet
Lurg Moor, Strathclyde?Fortlet
Outerwards, StrathclydeNS2366Fortlet

The Antonine Wall was reoccupied at this time (see above).

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