Forts of the First Antonine Period

Antonine Period I (c.142AD – c.158) The Antonine Wall – listed from east to west

VELVNIATE (Carriden, Central)NT0280Fort and Minor Settlement
Kinneil, CentralNS9780Fortlet
Mumrills, CentralNS9179Fort
Falkirk, CentralNS8879Fort
Watling Lodge, CentralNS8679Fortlet
Rough Castle, CentralNS8479Fort
Seabegs, CentralNS8179Fortlet
Castlecary, CentralNS7978Fort
Westerwood, StrathclydeNS7677Fort
Croy Hill, StrathclydeNS7376Fort, Fortlet and Minor Settlement
Bar Hill, StrathclydeNS7075Fort
Auchendavy, StrathclydeNS6774Fort
Kirkintilloch, StrathclydeNS6574Fort
Glasgow Bridge, StrathclydeNS6373Fortlet
Cadder, StrathclydeNS6172Fort
Wilderness Plantation, StrathclydeNS5972Fortlets
Balmuildy, StrathclydeNS5871Fort
Summerston, StrathclydeNS5772Fortlet
Bearsden, StrathclydeNS5472Fort
Castle Hill, StrathclydeNS5272Fort
Cleddans, StrathclydeNS5072Fortlet
Duntocher, StrathclydeNS4972Fort and Fortlet
Old Kilpatrick, StrathclydeNS4673Fort
Bishopton, StrathclydeNS4169Fort on south bank of the Clyde

Barburgh Mill Fortlet in Dumfries & Galloway VRML Model Prepared in the RBO Scriptorium

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