Cohortes Britanniarum – The Auxiliary Infantry Cohorts of Britain

Cohors Peditata et Equitata – Auxiliary Infantry and Mixed Cohorts

Auxiliary soldiers were organised in infantry units, cohorts (singular cohors, plural cohortes, abbreviated to coh) and cavalry units, alae (singular ala). Infantry units could also sometimes include a cavalry element (cohors equitata), sometimes described as ‘part-mounted’ regiments. There were two sizes of both cohors and ala, quingenary (quingenaria) and milliary (milliaria), the former with a nominal strength of 500 men, the latter with a nominal strength of 1,000 men, although in practice these figures are different. There were dozens of different auxiliary units based in Britain at any one time. They were made up of cavalry, infantry and mixed units and campaigned and were garrisoned with the legions. Most of the forts of Roman Britain were used by auxiliaries.

The main infantry subdivision of the cohort was the centuria containing 80 men, itself divided into 10 sections (contubernia). The term centuria was often symbolised by an abbbreviation resembling a 7. The main subdivision of the ala or of the cavalry contingent in a cohors equitata was the turma probably consisting of 32 cavalrymen.

1 Cohors Primae Sunicorum – The First Cohort of Sunici
2 Cohors Secundae Thracum – The Second Cohort of Thracians
3 Cohors Sextae Thracum – The Sixth Cohort of Thracians
4 Cohors Septimae Thracum – The Seventh Cohort of Thracians
5 Cohors Primae Tungrorum [milliaria] – The First Cohort of Tungri, (one -thousand strong)
6 Cohors Secundae Tungrorum milliaria equitata
7 Cohors Primae Vangionum [milliaria] – The First Cohort of Vangiones, (one -thousand strong)
8 Cohors Primae Fida Vardullorum civium Romanorum equitata milliaria – The First Cohort of Faithful Vardulli, citizens of Rome, part -mounted, one -thousand strong
9 Cohors Secundae Gallorum – The Second Cohort of Gauls
10 Cohors Quartae Gallorum – The Fourth Cohort of Gauls
11 Cohors Quintae Gallorum – The Fifth Cohort of Gauls
12 Cohors Primae Nervana Germanorum milliaria equitata
13 Cohors Primae Hamiorum Saggitariorum – The First Cohort of Hamian Bowmen
14 Cohors Primae Hispanorum equitata – The First Cohort of Spaniards, part -mounted
15 Cohors Primae Lingonum – The First Cohort of Lingones
16 Cohors Secundae Lingonum – The Second Cohort of Lingones
17 Cohors Tertiae Lingonum – The Third Cohort of Lingones
18 Cohors Quartae Lingonum – The Fourth Cohort of Lingones
19 Cohors Primae Menapiorum – The First Cohort of Menapii
20 Cohors Primae Morinorum – The First Cohort of Morini
21 Cohors Primae Nerviorum – The First Cohort of Nervii
22 Cohors Secundae Nerviorum – The Second Cohort of Nervii
23 Cohors Tertiae Nerviorum – The Third Cohort of Nervii
24 Cohors Sextae Nerviorum – The Sixth Cohort of Nervii
25 Cohors Primae Pannoniorum – The First Cohort of Pannonians
26 Cohors Secundae Pannoniorum – The Second Cohort of Pannonians
27 Cohors Quintae Raetorum – The Fifth Cohort of Raeti
28 Cohors Sextae Raetorum – The Sixth Cohort of Raeti
29 Cohors Secundae Vasconorum civium Romanorum
30 Cohors Primae Alpinorum – The First Alpine Cohort
31 Cohors Primae Aquitanorum – The First Cohort of Aquitani
32 Cohors Secundae Asturum equitata – The Second Cohort of Astures, part -mounted
33 Cohors Quartae Asturum equitata – The Fourth Cohort of Astures, part -mounted
34 Cohors Primae Baetasiorum civium Romanorum
35 Cohors Primae Batavorum Equitata – The First Cohort of Batavi, part -mounted
36 Cohors Tertiae Bracaraugustanorum – The Third [Infantry] Cohort from Bracara Augusta
37 Cohors Quartae Breucorum [Antoninianae] – The Fourth Cohort of (Antonine’s Own) Breuci
38 Cohors Primae Celtiberorum – The First Cohort of Celtiberians
39 Cohors Primae Aeliae Classicae – The First Cohort of the Aelian Fleet
40 Cohors Primae Cornoviorum – The First Cohort of Cornovii
41 Cohors Primae Cugernorum – The First Cohort of Cugerni
42 Cohors Primae Dacorum – The First Cohort of Daci
43 Cohors Primae Delmatarum – The First Cohort of Delmatae
44 Cohors Secundae Delmatarum Equitata – The Second Cohort of Delmatae, part -mounted
45 Cohors Quartae Delmatarum – The Fourth Cohort of Delmatae
46 Cohors Primae Frisiavonum – The First Cohort of Frisiavones
47 Cohors Quartae Frisiavonum? – The Fourth Cohort of Frisiavones?
48 Cohors Primae Thracum – The First Cohort of Thracians
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